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Questions you could have

Q. How much is the delivery time?
A. We recommend to book the delivery at-least 1 hour prior to your meal time. Total Delivery time could be 45 mins to 1 hr depending on your location. However in certain cases it could be longer but we will keep you updated. We recommend you  book the delivery in advance so that you get it on time.

Q. Why is the 1-hour notice needed?

A. As we believe in preparing the Biryani fresh, it takes more time compared to other options you have in the market.

Q. Why does the menu have limited options?

A. We aim to give our 100% and focus only on our signature dish i.e. Biryani. One plate of Biryani should be equivalent to 1-time meal for most of the persons. 

Q. Can I leave a feedback after I have tried the Biryani?
A. Yes definitely, we would love to have your feedback. Please click on Feeback button at the top menu.

Q. How many hours or days in advance can I order?
A. You can order minimum 1 hour and maximum 1 month in advance.

Q. Is there discount code available?
A. We provide 10% discount for First Time User Registration. If you register and don't receive the code, please contact us.

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